The Foundation


The Mission of the Buehrle Family Foundation is to provide funding for programs and individuals fighting cancer.  


Through Faith, Family & Friends, The Buehrle Family Foundation will work towards the day when a cure is found for cancers. Through research, compassion and hope, our beneficiaries can trust that our Foundation Members and its many supporters will work tirelessly towards that end.  

Key elements of the Vision

  • "Faith" - At the core of what we do is our faith.  Through prayer and action we trust that our efforts will assist those that are touched by cancer and those whose lives have been altered by the disease.
  • "Family" - The second of our beliefs is that everything begins and ends with the family.  It is through our upbringing that we understand how to love, lead and give.
  • "Friends" - Finally, we understand that no one can accomplish anything without the support of a strong core of friends.  To that end, we surround ourselves with strong character people who share our beliefs.

Board Members

  • Christopher H. Buehrle
  • Becky L. Buehrle
  • Robert H. Buehrle
  • Sandra S. Pinkstaff